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Hello Coders ,

CodeAgon Coding contest is scheduled on Saturday , 15th September 9:00 P.M IST

Duration : 4 hours

You'll be solving about 6 challenges focussed around Algorithms and Data Structures.

Winners and participants who make through our shortlisting process will get the chance to interview with CodeNation for the position of Software Development Engineer (CTC: 31 Lakh per annum) and an opportunity for a summer Internship with a stipend of Rs 75,000 per month + benefits.

Contest Prizes

#1 Position : 1 Lakh Cash + CodeNation Goodies

#2 Position : 50K Cash + CodeNation Goodies

#3 Position : 25k Cash + CodeNation Goodies

#4-10 Position : 5000 Cash + CodeNation Goodies

#11-20 Position : 2000 Cash + CodeNation Goodies

Prizes only for Indian participants

Students graduating in 2019 are eligible for FullTime Interviews based on performance in the contest

Students graduating in 2020 are eligible for Summer Internship Interviews based on performance in the contest

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