WA in ACM ICPC Latin Regional Contest [Greedy][Editorial]

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I am trying to solve Problem M: Counting Marbles. I am writing an editorial in case somebody might need it after me, and I am also trying to ask for help in spotting the error in my code.

Editorial: We are essentially trying to write the smallest base-365 number with the marbles. So we must minimize the earlier digits as much as possible.

Use a priority queue with the tops of the stack, and whenever you use a marble, remove it from the priority queue and put the next element in the queue instead.

Please see my solution for one such implementation.


My solution is able to run on the sample test cases, but I'm getting WA (could somebody take a look at this)?

My solution: https://www.ideone.com/VnKScW Problem Statement: http://codeforces.com/gym/101889/attachments/download/7471/statements-2017-latam-regional.pdf

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