TopCoder SRM 761 Announcement (from 3:00 PM UTC today!)

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Hi Codeforces!

It seems like (possibly) TopCoder SRM admins are busy with preparing online qualifier of "ltaravilse Cup" which will be held tomorrow, there was no announcement written by TopCoder SRM admins. Therefore...

I will announce that TopCoder SRM 761 will be held today! Here are some informations.

  • Start Time: 11:00 AM UTC-4
  • Duration: 75-minute Coding Phase + 5-minute Intermission Phase + 15-minute Challenge Phase + Systest!
  • Number of Problems: 3
  • Writer: I don't know the exact writer, but I guess it's misof :)

As usual, this match is rated (I hope). And I am looking forward to this match.

Don't forget that registeration phase will end 5 minutes before the contest! I hope that many of you will participate, as well as that we can solve many interesting problems.

If you have any question/discussion about contest, please write in comments :P

Useful Link: How to Compete in SRMs

UPD: Congratulations to Petr for winning Div.1 and farmerboy to win Div.2!
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