New contest format?! Stream feat. Reyna, Deemo

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Hey all!

We've created a new 1v1 programming contest format: Div(2)4 and we (me and Deemo) are going to livestream it in a couple of hours.

The idea is pretty simple. We have a list of Div 2 contests that we didn't do before and we are going to virtual participate them in order for 24 hours. The goal is to complete as many div 2 contests as you can going in that order. You can only move on to the next contest if the time has run out or you have completed the current contest. In case of a tie, you add up the last time of submission for all the finished contests and 2 hours for all the unfinished contests and that is your penalty. The one with less penalty wins. We still do not know how to incorporate failed attempts and we would love to hear your ideas about what to do with them.

We are probably going to use an excel spreadsheet which we will fill when we meet up. A yellow contest is ongoing, green means finished and red means out of time. We are going to stream at ReynaCodes and DeemoCodes. We are going to start at 11 PM if nothing goes wrong.

We are doing this for fun and we decided to share it with you. We hope we would not be Sleeping Reyna and Sleeping Deemo until the end of this.


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