"Files '21.in' and '50.in' contain equal tests after well-formatting"

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Sometimes I use Codeforces groups for private trainings. On occassion, this means importing (via Polygon) problems from some other contests (that have public test data and are free to be used like that).

But when importing test cases "from the files" or "from the archive", this happens a lot:
(By the way I have no idea why it happens so frequently. My best guess is sometimes that OI-style contests have to repeat test cases in different subtasks. But I have also seen this with ICPC-style.)

Anyway, my question is:

  • Why does Polygon even care if there are multiple equal tests? It doesn't seem to care if there are two equal tests from generators.
  • Why does it only show one error at a time, and a seemingly random pair at that (It doesn't seem like it is the "lexicographically smallest" pair)?
  • Can I somehow turn this validation off? There are some (probably more important) checks that you can turn off.

(I guess I should be smarter and write a local script to remove the duplicates).


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