Looking for Indian folks to mentor

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Hey community! I am working from home as most of the world, and I thought I could use my "saved" commute time to interact with members of the community.

What's the plan?

Sign up for a 30 minutes mentee session here — https://forms.gle/7DLtZZQAP1JMd7pz7. I will reach out to you and schedule a session. Bear in mind that this is a short term mentorship session (1-2 sessions per person).

Target Audience

  1. Current CF rating 1700 — 2100 (This is not a tight bound, but I feel it would be most helpful for this region).
  2. Studying in India (Sorry for limiting by country, my reasons are timezone, accent and weak spoken English skills).
  3. Interested in a chat / discussion about something related to programming.

Standard Disclaimer

I am not representing my employer (Google, Inc.) in any ways while having these conversations, I am just trying to help people out personally.


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