Are Software Development Streams welcome in the Streams Panel?

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Hi Codeforces Community! As I'm sure many of you know, I'm very excited to stream a lot of educational competitive programming content in 2021. It's incredible to me that this feature only rolled out 3 months ago (, and there's already so much traction within the community (with multiple streams happening from various users every week, and thousands of viewers). However, I've been considering broadening the subject matter of my streams and wanted to poll the community.

Here's my situation: I like to stream programming content that isn't strictly algorithmic -- for example, I maintain an open source project (down for across -- an online crossword game) in my free time and sometimes stream myself working on that as well. Are these kinds of streams interesting to anyone in codeforces?

Personally, I think software engineering is a different, but related, skill that many competitive programmers would be interested in. In fact, I think becoming a better software developer has actually helped my performance in contests by forcing me to slow down a bit and think through my plan before starting to type. And on the flip side, many people training on codeforces are looking to have a career in tech. However, I also want to be conscious of the community and not use codeforces to advertise unrelated personal endeavors if it's deemed off-topic. So please let me know what you think! (MikeMirzayanov I would love your input here too)

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