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By Baklazan, history, 5 years ago, In English

When I type "" to my browser, it shows me a blank page. It doesn't pretend to be loading something. It just shows a blank page. However, when I try to go to through a proxy server, it works normally (and that's how I wrote this post).

Have you ever had a similar issue? Do you know what can it be caused by and how to fix it?


UPD: It doesn't work normally even through a proxy -- I can't reply to comments (I think it's some feature of using proxy). So I will answer them here.

Yes, I tried a differend browser and also a different device. Neither of them works.

UPD2: Now it started working properly even without a proxy. But I still wonder how and why it happened.

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By Baklazan, history, 6 years ago, In English

Hello Codeforces,

I would like to propose a challenge to all this year's IOI contestants:

  1. Before the first day of contest pick some positive real constant C.

  2. During the IOI do C push-ups for each point you fail to score at the contest. Formally, if you score P points, you will have to do (600 - PC push-ups. You can do your push-ups during whole IOI and you are not forbidden to do more push-ups than you have to (which means that you can start doing your push-ups even before the first contest day).

This challenge is not completely new, several contestants have been doing it since IOI 2013, but as far as I know, it was never proposed publicly.

Feel free to share your chosen constant C and later also number of push-ups you have to do and your progress in comments.

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