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By Learner99, 11 months ago, In English,

While giving team contest we try to find Gym contest which has editorial available, but it takes plenty of time for finding such contests. ( We can add a gym contest to a personal group and look at others submission but still, editorials are more effective) So I thought of making a list of Gym Contest which has editorials available.

Can you help me make a list of such contests?

Thanks in advance.

Happy Coding :)

Contest List:

  1. Hello 2015 Div. 1
  2. 2017 Bangladesh National High School Programming Contest
  3. 2018 KAIST Run Spring Contest ( Editorial )
  4. BAPC 2013 ( Editorial )
  5. 2018 PSUT Coding Marathon
  6. 2017, X Samara Regional Intercollegiate Programming Contest
  7. 2014-2015 CT S02E11: Codeforces Trainings Season 2 Episode 11
  8. 2014-2015 CT S02E10: Codeforces Trainings Season 2 Episode 10
  9. 2013-2014 ACM-ICPC Northeastern European Regional Contest (NEERC 13)
  10. ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, Egyptian Collegiate Programming Contest (ECPC 2015)
  11. 2015 Damascus Collegiate Programming Contest (DCPC 2015)
  12. 2016 USP Try-outs
  13. 2017 Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest (BAPC 17)
  14. 2018 Arab Collegiate Programming Contest (ACPC 2018)
  15. 2018 AICCSA Programming Contest
  16. 2017-2018 ACM-ICPC German Collegiate Programming Contest (GCPC 2017) ( Editorial )
  17. 2017-2018 ACM-ICPC Northern Eurasia (Northeastern European Regional) Contest (NEERC 17)
  18. 2016 Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest (BAPC 16)
  19. 2014 Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest (BAPC 14) ( Editorial )
  20. GCPC 2018 ( Editorial )
  21. 2018 ICPC Asia Jakarta Regional Contest ( Editorial )
  22. La Salle-Pui Ching Programming Challenge 培正喇沙編程挑戰賽 2018 ( Editorial )
  23. PSUT Coding Marathon 2019 ( Editorial / Streaming )
  24. 2018 ACM-ICPC, Universidad Nacional de Colombia Programming Contest
  25. 2015 ACM Amman Collegiate Programming Contest
  26. Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology Collegiate Programming Contest 2016
  27. ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, Damascus University Collegiate Programming Contest(2018)
  28. HCW 19 Team Round (ICPC format)
  29. Fall 2019 ICPC-style Waterloo Local Contest ( Editorial )
  30. ICPC Swiss Subregional 2019-2020 ( Group Gym ) ( Editorial )

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By Learner99, history, 16 months ago, In English,


Hello everyone!

We would like to invite you to participate in CodeMutants Revisited. We are reconducting this contest as the last contest faced technical issues from the server side. This contest will be held on CodeChef on 27th February (Wednesday) from 9:00 PM IST.

There will be 7 questions covering various topics. Problems may not be difficulty-wise sorted. So power up your brain and be ready to conquer.

Prizes: 250 Laddus to Top 10 ( Top 5 Global and Top 5 Indians ). Cash Prize of Rs. 3000 distributed among Top 3 Indian Participants.

Time: 27th February, 9 PM to 12 AM.

Contest Link: CodeMutants Revisited

Note: For Indian's to be eligible for Cash Prize, one must fill the below-given Google form:

Happy Coding :)

Team CodeMutants.

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By Learner99, history, 21 month(s) ago, In English,


Can somebody guide me that how can I improve my implementation speed and accuracy. Many times I get the logic fast but it takes a lot of time to implementation. Whenever after contest ends/solving that question if I see other people's submission, at that time I feel as if I wanted to implement the same logic but it took me too long comparatively.

Thanks in advance.

Happy Coding

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By Learner99, history, 23 months ago, In English,

Given an undirected weighted graph. How to find the total number of minimum spanning tree for that given graph.

Number of nodes <= 10. No parallel edges.

I found a similar problem here:

I don't want answer mod 31011 as asked in above Spoj Problem. I want the exact number of ways. (Though I don't know the solution of the Spoj problem either.)

Can someone please help me in solving this question?

Thanks in advance.

Happy Coding :)

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