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Hi, while submitting 1535F - String Distance for the previous educational round I did observe a strange behaviour. I submitted the absolutely same code several times:


As you can see, submitting with C++17 was AC every single time. Submitting with C++17 (64bit) lead to timeouts on different testcases, like 18, 27 or 32 but also to several AC with all testcases 18,27,32 only needing <300ms in 64bit. I read my code about 20 times now checking for out of bounds errors or stupid mistakes. I have no random numbers generated. I also did several tests by generating a big number of random testcases with both 64bit and 32bit locally, but I couldn't reproduce this behaviour. I got consistent times all around. Now I'm clueless and want to ask whether someone has an idea why this happens.

Some details about the code

Thank you for your help!

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