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By Testduk, history, 5 years ago, In English

I was looking through the standings of round 567 and noticed that krystalfx wasn't included in the official standings in spite of being an unrated account that won the round(and came second among unofficial participants)

I'm going to assume that the reason behind this is because it's an alt(the submissions weren't skipped so they didn't plagarise code). But it really doesn't make sense to me. Cf is fine with users like congling becoming an LGM and entering the top 10 standings. CF is fine with 20 unrated accounts making top 50 whenever there's a div 3. So why was this particular user punished this time?

For the sake of clarity, could CF's official policy on alts(the one that's actually enforced fairly) be clarified? I was under the assumption that participating on alts is fine now, given that the last time anybody was banned for it was a really long time ago.

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