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Since Ashishgup says he won't be posting a blog for this year, I'll do the honours (free negative contribution, yay!)

The regional round just ended, with 8 problems and a much better difficulty distribution than previous years. There were only two issues that I saw with today's contest:

1) The late start — they did not provide the drive link to the problems, unlike the previous year, which was a bad decision IMO.

2) The queue at the end — it took >5 minutes to evaluate our submissions for the 8th problem, which is too long in a 3 hour contest.

All in all, it was a quite nice contest which was enjoyable. Let's discuss the problems of the online eliminations here :)

Another important announcement is the addition of Asia west regionals this year — seems to be similar to India Finals 2016/ what our North American compatriots are going to be doing this year. The link for this can be found here

P.S — can anyone share the solution to the last problem?

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By TheOneYouWant, history, 12 months ago, In English,

Good evening,

This is about ICPC India Regionals — Amritapuri site. Our team has been allotted Amritapuri, but our preference was Coimbatore. Is there any team who would be willing to swap sites (i.e., fine with Amritapuri but have been alloted Coimbatore)? Since this change would cost us a lot of money, I would be very grateful.

EDIT: No idea why this gets downvotes, it's a serious question and means a lot to me and my team. :/

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