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By amolsharma99, 12 years ago, In English

Hello Coders,

Code of th Day is a 10 day long coding marathon. One problem is released everyday at 21:00 IST and need to be submitted with in 24 hrs. System Testing is done after the 24 hrs. Difficulty level of the problems is increases day by day.

Code of the day will begin tonight. First problem will be released today at 21:00 IST.

COD Portal is now live. Link for the portal is

You can log in to the portal to view the problems and submit your codes. Login credentials on the portal will be same as on the avishkar site, so you need to register on the avishkar site first to be able to login into the portal.

Rules, event description and marking scheme is available on the avishkar site under cyberquest.

Wishing you good scores in the cod.

Happy Coding !! :)

For any queries contact — [email protected]

Note : Only Students are eligible for prizes. Professional can participate but are not eligible for prizes.

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By amolsharma99, 13 years ago, In English

Plz help me in solving  a simple problem on spoj

i am not able to conclude a general formula for any 'n'........i derived one but found it wrong...plz some one guide !!

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