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Hello Everyone,

I love Coding, Maths and Algorithms basically Competitive Programming and I happen to be in last semester of my Bachelor's Degree. I can see two options

  1. Job as a Software Engineer
  2. Do M.S in related Field

Software Engineer

The problem is I have a bad perception about Jobs in IT sector, following are some (maybe be I am being too Obtuse)

  1. Pressurized work environment with main motivation being earning Money leading to not so healthy vibes.
  2. Work can be repetitive thus not interesting at times or maybe most of the times.


This really seems attractive as I get to up my level but I have some realities to face

  1. I might come to same Dilemma in last semester of my Masters.
  2. I have extremely low aggregate which might be an obstruction for me to get into good colleges.

The Dilemma

I have a lot to learn and I want to but I am not sure of a career path after I choose to study further and also I could be totally wrong about my perceptions about industry and it turns out that one can learn and also implement things at same time while getting paid for it.

My Queries

  1. I need to know how true are my perceptions about industry so any experience or suggestion would be a great help to me.
  2. Not many colleges provide M.S with subjects related to Algorithms and Computing or even if I am wrong it would be great if any one could point out some courses.
  3. What are the usual careers people choose after M.S related field of Algorithms and Computation.
  4. Any suggestion that you think could help me.


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