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Hello Codeforces,

Sorry for the delay on the update blog.

This is a continuation of my blog on the relationship between IQ and CF Rating. Previous Blog Post

First off, I would like to begin by expressing my gratitude to everyone who submitted the form. In the end, I received over 140 submissions, which is a crazy number. Thank you to everyone.

After putting all the data into excel, I saw there was almost no correlation in any of the categories.

Here are the scatter plots for all the categories:


The R^2 value here is very low, and although you can see a general increase in rating as IQ increases, it is slight and full of outliers.

Memory IQ:

The Memory IQ section also had a low R^2 value, and although rating once again increases slightly with IQ, there are many outliers.

Verbal IQ:

This section will have three separate graphs.

This graph is the combined results of both those fluent in English and not:

An even lower R^2 value is present here, implying no correlation.

For non-English speakers:

There is another weak correlation here. No trend can really be observed.

English speakers:

Surprisingly, there is a lower correlation for English speakers than non-English speakers.

Spatial IQ:

A general upward trend can be observed here, but once again with many outliers.

General Observations:

The verbal IQ section lowered many people’s scores, both English speakers and non-English speakers. Also, given it had the least correlation, it is easy to see that it affects rating less than all the other categories, which was expected.

Spatial and Memory IQ had more impact on rating than verbal.

What does this mean?

As some people were commenting on the previous blog, IQ can speed up improvement in CP, but is not a direct indicator of rating in any way.

Although these results were not what I expected, this does still provide hope that despite your IQ, hard work and dedication will drive you further.

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By asrinivasan007, 6 months ago, In English

Hello Codeforces,

I hope everyone is having a great day.

Recently I have been seeing many articles and journals on whether certain skills are inherent or acquired. These articles talk about whether, for a certain skill, one is simply born good at it, or someone works to develop this skill, and over time builds it.

According to R. Plomin, (, genetic differences account for a shocking 50% of cognitive disparity among people. The rest is affected by factors like environment and pure hard work.

Does this mean that those who draw a good hand of cards are more likely to be successful?

Let’s get more specific.

In a study done by the University of Washington, (, participants “took eight different tests: one that specifically covered numeracy; one that measured language aptitude; and others that assessed attention, problem-solving and memory.”(University of Washington, 2020). After, the participants learned Python for 10 45 minute sessions on Codecademy, taking tests along the way. At the end, 70% of the variability between test scores was able to be explained using the original scores of language aptitude and fluid reasoning.

Although this test was just over a short time period, it accentuates how learning to program may be easier for those with certain innate qualities.

Combining these two notions, I wanted to see, Is CP ability innate or acquired? To test this, I would like to compare participants' IQ with their CF rating and see if there is a direct correlation between IQ and CF rating. To assess this, I will be using the online IQ test at This test has three sections, Memory, Verbal, and Spatial. Upon the completion of the test (which takes around 5-20 minutes), fill the form at Remember to copy-paste the URL of the end screen into the response. When I reach 50 responses or more, I will begin plugging the data into Microsoft Excel and will make another blog with the results.

UPDATE: The submission window is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted, I have received over 170 responses. I have begun my analysis, expect a subsequent blog post within the next couple of days.

UPDATE 2: The update blog is now posted.

Thank you for your time, and enjoy your day!

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