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It seems mabloly so pro, but I wonder why dropped from master to spacialist? Very huge drop, is he cheater? or what lead to this? Please, share with us. Madboly like you previously got RK 15 on a div2 round 889. Why do you also hate Russia that much ? Last screenshot.

Regarding this "fake coach" thing and famous place in Egypt,

I'd like to put a last comment for a grandmaster , RetiredAmrMahmoud on ACPC_Corruption blog regarding the CRAZY FEES academy gholyo tried to mention, thanks bro, you opened on them a new gate of fire


Concerning this cheater, Madboly = atcoder_merchant = tickbird = Wegz-Saleny = JusticeForUs = logical_conclusion = optimal_solution = Pisslam1 = Pisslam2 = Pisslam5 = IslamicTERRORIST71 = islamicTerrorist69

He is even impolite and insulted a Russian user, 34z12000 who just speculated he might be cheating!

Also, down below in the comments , a proof that the cheater had all those provocating alts mentioned above :o !

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