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My post may seem irrelevant, but I found no other suitable place for discussing this. This post is for the teams going to the World Finals this year(2017). Three Teams are going to the World Finals this year from Bangladesh. We are having trouble getting the U.S visa. Two of our teams got rejected in visa interview(including my team) and another team is going to apply soon. So, We have some queries regarding visa application. We are going to reapply for the visa and this information may help us.

  1. Have you not applied for the visa yet/Have you got rejected from getting the visa?
  2. If you got rejected then did you get the visa in the second try?
  3. If you got the visa then what was your type of visa? B1 or B2 or B1/B2?
  4. If you got the visa then did you book return flight tickets to show it to the interviewer?
  5. If you got the visa then what were the main documents provided by you? I mean how am I supposed to make them believe that I have a strong tie in my country?

Also, sharing your interview experience might also be helpful.

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