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I'd like to share with you a simple and little guide that I made with bfs.07, originally aimed to help the people from my college to start studying competitive programming. However, I thought it might be interesting for some other people too.

When I started to study competitive programming, I found it was a bit difficult to find good tutorials. I couldn't find every single topic I wanted to study in only one place, and when you don't know what to study, you can't just search using Google. Looking through Codeforces I found lots of tutorials, guides with useful informations and even some lists compiling interesting tutorials found on the platform. However, I didn't find a list compiling tutorials from more than one website. Then, I decided to do that.

This list (which I called "Competitive Programming Study Guide for C++ Users") contains links to a large number of tutorials divided by categories. These tutorials are the ones I used to learn, or found good and intuitive after reading. Most tutorials are in English, but there are also some of them in Portuguese (they were added specially to help my college classmates who are just starting to study).

Furthermore, I added a list with extra resources, such as other guides, online judges that are less popular (but good, specially for beginners) and tools that some people may don't know about. It's just a simple guide that I think newcomers will find it more useful.

You can access it via this link: Competitive Programming Study Guide for C++ Users

I also made a repository where I started to upload my solutions to problems I solved during my training sessions. You can find it here: Repository of Solutions

Everyone is free to contribute and give suggestions. That are a lot of good tutorials around the web that I haven't found and many problems I couldn't solve yet. I'm sorry if there were some grammatical errors in the post, English is not my primary language. Thank you for your attention!

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