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Hello there, I'm a senior high school student from China.

For a long time, I've been devoting my life to Olympiad in Informatics. I’ve made progress all along the way with a few partners. But after the entrance of university was granted, they quitted OI, one after another, while I kept going, hoping to take part in IOI, which is definitely not easy in China.

This has kept me wondering, “What if I fail?” “What if all the efforts of me turn out to be meaningless?” From time to time, I suffer from such thoughts in agony, but luckily, I haven’t given up.

Yesterday, I became a Legendary Grandmaster on Codeforces, which has been a wild dream of mine since I knew the website. Thanks to Codeforces, this appellation exhilarates me so much that I suddenly find my efforts did count, they are at least recognized here. Perhaps, because of this, I won’t feel that bad even if I fail in the upcoming selections to IOI.

And thanks for reading this mess in me. Hope you all make your life Legendary as well.


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