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Hello Codeforces,

As resumes are your first impression to the company, all of us want to put our best effort to prepare a FANNG worthy resume which can attract the recruiters to get shortlisted for top tech companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Goldman Sachs etc.

We have prepared a video in which we discuss all the tips and tricks required to create such a resume. We also have shown a resume which get shortlisted for Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Tower Research, Amazon and D E Shaw.

In this video we have discussed the important components that every resume must-have. It will clear all your doubts related to: The best platform to design your resume. What should be the length of the resume? How many projects are good to write? Do the extra curricular activities matter for the coding interviews?

We hope you will like the content and experiences shared. Do like and share the post so that this video can reach and help as many people as possible. Link to the Resume Making Tutorial

We have also created some videos on problems which are almost impossible to solve in a 30 minutes placement coding test. Some Makeshifter solution tricks you should learn

Hope you'll like it. Please help me in helping students like you by sharing the videos and resources.

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Hello Codeforces !!!

This is my first blog so excuse me for my mistakes!!

This blog is helpful for coders rating upto ~1600 and for the people who are looking for placement interviews questions asked in various IITs.

So if you have less than 1600 rating then this blog will might be helpful for you and if you are enough good programmer with high rating then still you are welcome to read and suggest me for my mistakes.

Companies mostly asked tricky questions in their tests and interviews so for an expert rated coder that my be easy to get but I think most of the people face struggle (Not like ananya pandey) in approaching the problem.

So I thought of creating a youtube channel for placement guide where not only me but also my friends from various IITs will come up and create most frequently asked question in placements and how to approach them.

You will find many youtube channels for coding tutorials but I didn't found any which exclusively targets placement questions and which is helpful for newbies and specialist coders.

So go ahead and check out the various videos I have created till now.

Check out my channel : Click Here

I might not get chance so I will also like to thanks tmwilliamlin168 rachitiitr for providing motivation through their wonderful videos.

And Thanks to manu for helping me prepare these videos.

Thanks For Reading.. Good Luck for your placement!!! Happy Coding !

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