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Hi everyone! An awesome teammate (thanks TianCilliers) decided to scrape the IOI scoreboard to get the country rankings (by points). Here it is:

1	USA			1815	3G	1S	0B
2	Russia			1780	4G	0S	0B
3	China			1779	3G	1S	0B
4	Iran			1604	1G	3S	0B
5	Korea			1586	2G	1S	1B
6	Japan			1581	1G	3S	0B
7	France			1554	1G	3S	0B
8	Việt Nam		1527	2G	1S	1B
9	Taiwan			1494	2G	0S	2B
10	Bulgaria		1492	1G	2S	1B
11	Ukraine			1466	1G	2S	1B
12	Slovakia		1408	0G	3S	1B
13	Indonesia		1397	1G	2S	1B
14	Canada			1380	1G	1S	1B
15	Israel			1362	0G	2S	2B
16	Australia		1361	1G	1S	2B
17	Hong Kong		1351	0G	2S	2B
18	Romania			1343	0G	2S	2B
19	Kazakhstan		1338	1G	1S	2B
20	Croatia			1327	0G	2S	2B
21	Singapore		1306	1G	1S	1B
22	Lithuania		1300	0G	2S	1B
23	Belarus			1268	0G	2S	2B
24	Serbia			1228	0G	1S	3B
25	Georgia			1195	1G	0S	2B
26	Italy			1186	0G	0S	3B
27	Czechia			1161	0G	2S	1B
28	Sweden			1159	0G	1S	3B
29	Poland			1158	0G	2S	1B
30	Hungary			1154	1G	0S	1B
31	Thailand		1145	0G	1S	2B
32	Estonia			1108	0G	1S	2B
33	India			1048	0G	1S	1B
34	Germany			1046	0G	0S	3B
35	Latvia			1043	0G	0S	2B
36	Turkey			1041	0G	1S	1B
37	North Macedonia		1037	0G	0S	2B
38	Bangladesh		1029	0G	0S	3B
39	Kyrgyzstan		1022	0G	0S	3B
40	Moldova			983	0G	1S	1B
41	Syrian Arab Republic	973	0G	0S	2B
42	Mexico			966	0G	0S	2B
43	Finland			962	0G	0S	2B
44	Philippines		946	0G	0S	1B
45	South Africa		910	0G	0S	0B
46	Egypt			908	0G	0S	1B
47	Brazil			904	0G	0S	1B
48	United Kingdom 		879	0G	0S	2B
49	Switzerland		876	0G	0S	2B
50	Greece			846	0G	0S	1B
51	Argentina		842	0G	1S	0B
52	Portugal		831	0G	1S	0B
53	Belgium			827	0G	0S	0B
54	Slovenia		824	0G	0S	2B
55	Malaysia		817	0G	0S	1B
56	Macao			805	0G	0S	0B
57	Mongolia		795	0G	1S	0B
58	New Zealand		787	0G	0S	1B
59	Netherlands		768	0G	0S	1B
60	Norway			767	0G	0S	1B
61	Azerbaijan		752	0G	0S	0B
62	Ireland			699	0G	0S	1B
63	Tunisia			645	0G	0S	0B
64	Chile			634	0G	0S	0B
65	Jordan			626	0G	1S	1B
66	Cyprus			620	0G	0S	0B
67	Denmark			598	0G	0S	0B
68	Saudi Arabia		573	0G	0S	1B
69	Morocco			518	0G	0S	0B
70	Austria			514	0G	0S	0B
71	Spain			508	0G	0S	0B
72	Bosnia and Herzegovina	484	0G	0S	0B
73	Uzbekistan		477	0G	0S	0B
74	Colombia		463	0G	0S	0B
75	Tajikistan		451	0G	0S	0B
76	Sri Lanka		382	0G	0S	0B
77	Montenegro		278	0G	0S	0B
78	Turkmenistan		241	0G	0S	0B
79	Luxembourg		241	0G	0S	0B
80	El Salvador		219	0G	0S	0B
81	Cuba			205	0G	0S	0B
82	Iceland			157	0G	0S	0B
83	Nigeria			146	0G	0S	0B
84	Bolivia			145	0G	0S	0B
85	Palestine		102	0G	0S	0B
86	Dominican Republic	64	0G	0S	0B
87	Venezuela		25	0G	0S	0B

Fun fact: South Africa was the best country not to have gotten a single medal this year (bruh)

(3 of our team members were within 1 point of each other)

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By dolphingarlic, history, 4 months ago, In English,

Hi everyone! I thought it would be a good idea to create a shared Google Photos album for the participants of IOI 2019 to add their photos. Here is the link to the album:

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By dolphingarlic, history, 4 months ago, In English,

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

What do all of you think is the prettiest online judge out there?

My vote goes to, with Atcoder coming a close second

(Sorry, codeforces. You're just not aesthetically pleasing enough)

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By dolphingarlic, history, 9 months ago, In English,

Do you have nothing to do on Sunday the 10th of February and want to speedrun a South African training camp contest? Are you feeling down and need to flex on the South African IOI team to get your spirits back up? Are you just looking for a live contest to participate in because of your insatiable need for competition?

Well, you're in luck! On Sunday the 10th of February, South Africa will be holding a training camp contest that will be open to the public!

As some of you may remember, South Africa will now be hosting all future contests on our own CMS page. For those of you who don't, that page in question is All future contests held on there will most likely be open to the public.

Simply head to, register for an account, and wait until 9:00 AM SAST to participate in the contest. Live rankings can be found at (Sorry for the inconvenient times)

Note: If you want your name to show up on the rank list, you must register on the website the day before the contest or earlier.

Good luck and have fun!

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By dolphingarlic, history, 10 months ago, In English,

Has it always been your lifelong dream to flex on the South African IOI team? Or maybe you've run out of problems to solve and want to solve more? Or maybe you just want a self-confidence boost from solving some somewhat easy problems?

Well, you're in luck!

South Africa will (hopefully) be using a CMS page open to the public for all future olympiads and camps.

Simply go to and register for an account to solve our problems and/or flex on the South African IOI team by getting perfect scores in under an hour.

Currently, there is only 1 "contest" with 6 problems running, but more will be made in due time. Solutions can only be submitted in C++ or Java right now, but Python3 support will probably be added later in the year.

The scoreboard can be found at (The scoreboard takes a while to update rankings, so don't be alarmed when your name doesn't show up on the scoreboard at first)

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