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In the last round, I have received unexpected warnings from CodeForces plagiarism checker for the Div-2 contest that was hosted on June 4 2023.The warning says that my submission for the question 1840E was directly coninciding.

In the question we have to check the postion of the the arrays A,B according to the query(positions) given and swapping the values if the query was 1.It was straightforward and most the submissions had to do it as the output was also unique. i got the plag detection by using this algorithm and decremnting the count.

my submission - question —

some other submissions -

As you can see it was similiar as the algorithm was straightforward but our code was not alike. so i would request @MikeMirzayanov and @diskoteka @isosto @pavlekn @playerr17 (creators of the contest) to look into this. thank you

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