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Hi there!

Some long time ago, I and SashaT9 thought of an idea to create a collection of little tricks useful in competitive programming. We believe that such a website can both boost beginners, and be useful for experts as a reference website containing many example problems, which can be used, for example, to recall something, or, say, make an educational contest.

It worth to say that there are already a bunch of blogs here with the same purpose. Our main feature is that we provide not just a list of tricks with their brief descriptions, but a detailed pages for each of them.

This project was inspired by tricki (currently dead) project. I already posted a test blog in order to demonstrate this format here.

We run a website based upon mkdocs (similar to cp-algorithms):


Now we wrote five more or less simple (but unfortunately unpolished) pages:

  1. Counting labeled trees
  2. One can process bits independently when relevant
  3. Permutations can be represented as graphs
  4. Translate DP to the matrix form
  5. How to come up with a comparator?
  6. (02.10.23) One can use determinants to count lattice paths
  7. (02.10.23) Small number of groups can be processed straightforwardly
  8. (03.10.23) Use diagonals as parameters in grid DP problems
  9. (03.10.23) How to use ternary search
  10. (03.10.23) Lagrange multipliers can simplify tricky optimisation problems

This is an open project, so we encourage everybody to write their expositions and make add them to the github repository.

Miaow! Miaow! =^◡^=

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The LaTeX on the website appears to be broken; see below for an example (a similar issue is present on the rest of the site):

(I'm on Windows 10 using Firefox.)

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    Just update twice, it works for us. We are going to fix it soon.

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You added more to the list thank you and sorry for previous msg

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    the heart looks red in phone but black in pc. #Bug