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Hi everyone!

2023 Southeastern Europe Regional Contest will take place on December 9. The contest was prepared by Pajaraja, milisav, bicsi, denis2111, antontrygubO_o, and RomaWhite.

Good luck to the official participants!

This contest will be used as Stage 14 of The 2nd Universal Cup (a week after the official contest). Therefore, we ask official participants to not publicly discuss the problems before the Universal Cup Stage.

You will be able to participate in the UCup contest in the following time windows:

Time windows

Thanks a lot to the Universal Cup committee for providing the platform.

About Universal Cup

UPD1: Contest livestream

UPD2: Here are Final Standings. Congratulations to the winners!

Place Country Team Name Contestant 1 Contestant 2 Contestant 3 Problems Penalty
1 Ukraine KhNURE_KIVI Denisov Valera_Grinenko Barichek 9 711
2 Ukraine KNU_0_GB_RAM KostasKostil kostia244 VladProg 9 998
3 Ukraine LNU Stallions PetroTarnavskyi mshcherba 9 1114
4 Serbia Infinity TadijaSebez nikolapesic2802 stefanbalaz2 8 427
5 Ukraine KNU_Banderolki danya.smelskiy Sonechko Markellonchik 8 834
6 Romania CodeBusters average_frog_enjoyer EmanuelDicu robxln 8 885
7 Romania Concret vladvlad00 status_coding a_dumi 8 959
8 Romania MLP popovicirobert loan toma_ariciu 7 566
9 Romania 3PeasInAPod BlueDiamond popabogdannnn livlivi 7 648
10 Romania UBB_Echipa_Misterelor georgerapeanu AlexPop28 AndreiCotor 7 731

UPD3: Editorial

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Will the problems be uploaded to gym?