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I stumbled upon an intriguing variation of Tic Tac Toe shared by Twitter user lobotosasha (link: In this modified version, players face an additional challenge: they cannot mark more than three cells with their shape. If they mark a fourth cell, their first marked cell disappears.

So, is it possible for anyone to win this game if both players play optimally?

Assuming that you cannot mark the cell where your shape will disappear after your move, do you think victory is possible, or are we stuck in an eternal stalemate?

Let me know what you think!

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No, since it will only show the last three, thus in after every move, your next winning cell is only atmost one. Your opponent will take that.

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    But maybe opponent's symbol is already in that cell. If it was the earliest opponent's move, on their turn they'll be forced to remove it and give us an opportunity to win.