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Since the CCC is approaching fast, alextrovert and I have prepared a practice contest modeled after the CCC with the same format and problem style.

The format is a 3-hour timed contest which you may start at any time today or tomorrow. We tried to make the difficulty level a bit higher than the real CCC so we won't disappoint contestants who did well on this practice contest.

You can find the contest here (Senior is harder, Junior is easier): http://wcipeg.com/contests

So far, nobody has gotten a perfect score on the Senior contest yet. Can you do it? (Confession: actually, the main reason for me posting this contest here is because I spent a lot of time preparing Senior #5, and nobody solved it.)

In case you don't have a wcipeg account but you have a DMOJ account or would like to try upsolving the problems after your timer ends, the contest will also be at DMOJ.

Thank you for your attention!

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What's the estimate on difficulty level relative to international contests?

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    If we go by Codeforces scale, the Mock CCC (Senior) has problems ranging from Div2 A to Div1 E (maybe), with an gradual difficulty increase between. Similarly, the Mock CCC (Junior) has problems from Div2 A to Div2 D. Most, if not all, of these problems are OI-style (as CCC is Canada's OI).

    It's modeled after the real CCC, so we tried to use the real CCC's difficulty scale (http://www.cemc.uwaterloo.ca/contests/computing/details.html#format).