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I really enjoy participating in contests. I wonder something, why dont we have more contests ? I have heard that there is a waiting list for contests but it shows there are enough contests. For example right now the next contest is in 10 days and I think it is really really far away.it would be very great if there was one contest every three days. I dont know how possible this is but can someone tell me why this is not how it is ?

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6 contests took place last month alone mate! How much more do you want ? And to add to your point on waiting lists, it takes time for all admins to prepare contests and ensure that they are 100% up to the mark. It's not as just somebody writes a proposal and the next thing they are told to do is to add problems to the contests. A lot of testing and quality check takes place before that.

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    First of all I am literally not sure about why I am getting downvotes for this post. This post is basically asking about something to improve more. I think I asked that question nice enough, which was a pretty valid question btw. Anyways without beating around the bush, if it is about testing process then there can be more admins and testers. Do you really not think that it is abnormal that the amount of contests that we have right now is almost the same amount as 1 or 2 years ago while the amount of coders has increased a lot ? I see that 8500 people took the last contest and it will be maybe even more the for the next contest. So people want to improve their coding skills and the more contests the better their skill will be. If you are going to give a downvote can you please justify your downvote? Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post unfortunately I dont have a potato(9 gag style sorry)