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The international training camp to prepare for ACM-ICPC 2016 is running on the base of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Moscow International Workshop ACM ICPC 2016 is open educational and training student meeting for sports programming which takes part for the 7th time. The meeting has started on the 8th of November and will continue until the 18th of November.

Remember that two month ago already in Codeforces were written about technical details of the camp. It consists of 9 working days in English with daily contests (the main moderator of these contests is the coordinator of Open Cup named by E.V. Pankratiev, the chief editor of Snarknews: Oleg Khristenko); tutorials, lectures, practice time and evening activities — sports, excursions, etc.

Teams from 13 countries take part in the camp: Belarus, Great Britain, Georgia, India, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, USA, Ukraine and Russia. Overall about 200 participants from 40 universities in 31 cities in the world visit autumn meetings. The final list of teams is here.

It is interesting to see the topics of lectures of the division B, the list of invited speakers, a short schedule and the list of excursions. Details are in a colorful English-language booklet of the meeting.

Botan Investments Fund is one of partners who provides the financial support. In addition, they helped teams from Saratov, Tomsk, Archangelsk to come to the training camp. And I am very pleased that, thanks to the support of BI from Saratov State University two teams could go on the meeting. Thank you! Now I can cheer twice more during the contest! :) Also Botan Investments Fund provided the lecture «Startups are the new Sexy. Growth Hacking » in English from the co-founder of Machine Learning Works, Grigory Tkachenko.

The results of the rounds:

On snarknews there are all results with the description and references.

There are several photos:

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Can other teams take part ?