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By gKseni, 6 years ago, translation, In English

Important day! Today we will know the winners of VK Cup 2018. The prize fund of the competition — numbers in binary notation:

  • 1 place — 1048576 rubles
  • 2 place — 524288 rubles
  • 3 place — 262144 rubles
  • 4-8 place — 131072 rubles

We are start at 10:40. Monitor the progress here.

Current standings
  1. 120 Minutes Adventure: el_sanchez, SpyCheese
  2. я и моя девушка: aid
  3. Нижний Магазин SU: V--o_o--V, LHiC
  4. Road to the Gucci store: Golovanov399, -imc-
  5. Ананас: AllCatsAreBeautiful, arsijo
  6. Accepted, cats and dogs: Andrew_Makar, BigBag
  7. ИТМО 2.0: craborac, demon1999
  8. Pareidolia: Copymaster, Lilith

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Announcement of VK Cup 2018 - Final
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By gKseni, 6 years ago, translation, In English

The first day of every year championship for programming VK Cup 2018!

Today VK Cup was opened by Alexander Konstatinov (VK) and Mikhail Mirzoyanov (CodeForces). After that was a non-formal part, there we looking for funny photos of our competitors and know some interesting facts about them.

Some teams from the top-20 of Round 3 have refused to participate in the final to save the chance for the next year. We invited the following by rating. So, this year's finalists, meet!

  1. Нижний Магазин SU: V--o_o--V & LHiC
  2. ИТМО 2.0: craborac & demon1999
  3. 120 Minutes Adventure: el_sanchez & SpyCheese
  4. Кекс столичный: Melnik & hloya_ygrt
  5. Z: egor_bb & Nikitosh
  6. Saint Veronika: aytel & kokokostya
  7. Road to the Gucci store: Golovanov399 & -imc-
  8. Группа внутренних автоморфизмов: MrKaStep & bixind
  9. Keksik: Tinsane & kb.
  10. Свист минигана: Sert & Alexandr_TS
  11. Ананас: AllCatsAreBeautiful & arsijo
  12. Pareidolia: Copymaster & Lilith
  13. я и моя девушка: aid
  14. Типичная вечеринка с бассейном: Au-Rikka & Seemann
  15. Accepted, cats and dogs: Andrew_Makar & BigBag
  16. Московский Вентиляторный Завод: Дудка и Трубник: mHuman & komendart
  17. QuietGenius: Semenar & Vaterlou
  18. Влюбленные Мудаки: super_azbuka & Khusainov
  19. R3tired: totsamyzed
  20. Вупсень и Пупсень: Roms & adedalic

Trial round reviewed our system — trial round! The first problem of trial round was a quiz. The question was about Codeforces and VK. First team that solved it is Saint Veronika: kokokostya, aytel. Сongratulate! :)

Yesterday finalists went to the Hermitage Museum and carting. Today we had a lunch on the ship.

Competitors now take part in Code Game Challenge. In 2018 this is football. At evening we will watch results. For winners, VK has very nice prizes.

Tomorrow we give a link to results and you can watch and chatter for the favorite teams ;) More about the competition you can watch at VK Cup group.

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By gKseni, 6 years ago, translation, In English

ACM-ICPC World Finals 2018 will begin on April 19, 2018 at 2:00 (UTC). This event is the main event of the year in the world of sports programming!

In the past 20 years alone, ICPC participation has increased by more than 2000%. Last year, ICPC Regional participation included 49,935 of the finest students and faculty in computing disciplines from 3,098 universities in 111 countries on six continents. A record 53,446 students and 5,411 coaches competed in ICPC and ICPC-assisted competitions last year, setting new records in participation.

Codeforces wishes the teams to show a vivid and interesting contest. We wish to find beautiful solutions, write without bugs and enjoy many accepted problems!


ACM ICPC World Finals 2018 English Broadcast:
ACM ICPC World Finals 2018 Chinese Broadcast:
ACM ICPC World Finals 2018 Arabic Broadcast:
ACM ICPC World Finals 2018, Split screen:
Broadcast from legends: Petr, tourist, Endagorion:
Watch the live translation on twitch.tv
Broadcast from legends: jqdai0815, rng_58, FizzyDavid:
Watch the live translation on live.bilibili.com
2018 ICPC World Finals, Closing ceremony:

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By gKseni, 6 years ago, translation, In English

Hi, Codeforces! We summed up the results of design competition for T-shirts :)

Codeforces team looked up all options, sent by community in comments to this post. After discussion we chose the winner. Congratulations cjquines on the victory! As we promised, your prize is three new design T-shirts!

Also, we want to mention the prize of the jury's sympathies — budalnik and his joky design. We will send you one T-shirt with this design.

I'll write to the winners in private messages soon!

Thank you all for participating. Until next time! :)

UPD: Read an interesting post about process of creation of design by cjquines.

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By gKseni, 6 years ago, translation, In English

Hi, Codeforces! Glad to announce a design competition for Codeforces T-shirts:)


  • Design must reflec- t belonging to Codeforces community.
  • Short and brief motto is important. Phrase outline can be an additional instrument for expression of idea. An interesting motto can also participate in the competition.
  • Idea is important for a printing. It's not neccessary to implement it fully if you don't feel your skill level right. You can describe your idea with a sketch/text description and that would be enough.
  • T-shirt's background can be white or black.
  • The winner will be determined by Codeforces team according to community opinion.

We consider this options as good ones:

We're waiting for your options during this two weeks. Last day – 14 February. We'll send 3 T-shirts with new design to the winner!

May the creative be with you ;)

UPD: Thank you all for participation! Results will be announced on February 22.

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By gKseni, 7 years ago, translation, In English

Innopolis University is organizing and holding Innopolis Open, an Olympiad in Informatics for high school students under 19 years old. The Olympiad consists of two stages — the online contest and the on-site competition (held in Innopolis, Russia).

Winners of the first stage will be invited to Innopolis to take part in the on-site competition. Accommodation, meals and transfer from Kazan to Innopolis are covered by the organizing committee. Winners of the second (on-site) stage will receive awards and opportunity to be enrolled in Innopolis University without any admission tests.

The first stage (online contest) will be held on:

  • December 2, 15:00 (UTC +3)
  • December 17, 10:00 (UTC +3)
    You may participate on both dates; the organizing committee will consider your best result. Registration is open until December 1, 2017. Participation is free of charge. The second stage (on-site contest) will take place in Innopolis city on February 24-25, 2018.

Click here to find out more and register for the Olympiad.

Stay in touch:

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By gKseni, 7 years ago, In English

For the last 6 years the world titles have been won only by St Petersburg teams – ITMO and St. Petersburg State University – both universities will bring their top teams to 2nd Hello Barcelona Programming Bootcamp in collaboration with Moscow Workshops ACM ICPC

The event runs from Sept 27 to Oct 5 – but how to get the most out of the camp? "I think there is no universal solution for "get the most out of a camp" – everyone should find their own path, but the general guideline will be: communicate with other participants as much as you can, make sure you do upsolving (at least some), keep track of how much you sleep," said Gleb Evstropov, coach and coordinator of the programming committee.

Sleeping could be somewhat challenging with all the famous Russian teams coming, which includes ITMO, St. Petersburg State University, MIPT, Ural Federal University, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Saratov, Samara and Perm, as well as the rest of the world’s top universities such as USA’s highest placing team, Central Florida, along with Canada’s Waterloo, high-scoring Asian teams from Hangzhou Dianzi and Singapore, and Tokyo University, as well as Stockholm’s KTH among dozens of others – so far teams from 30 countries have signed up.

The event’s Gold sponsor is Sberbank, the biggest commercial and investment bank of Eastern Europe and Russia, with over 170 years of history. Thanks to their support we expect that the top participants will be awarded valuable prizes, alongside high-profile internships and job opportunities.

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By gKseni, 7 years ago, translation, In English


Recently, Codeforces hosted 4 rounds in two days — 388, 387, 386, 385 Div 1/Div 2.

Usually pauses between rounds are much large. This time, three of the four rounds were based on the onsite contests in Saratov and Samara, so the date of the rounds were attached to these events.

I've prepared some interesting statistics: 450 people participated in each round and solved at least one problem in each of them. Wow! We did not expect it would be so much less enthusiastic participants. So happy! :)

And here is a list of our heroes (found yourself?):

kakajapan31, butcherofblaviken, BekzhanKassenov, 3agwa, Djok216, vaibhavjaimini, NicolasK, hell_hacker, RVyrodov, _Ash__, areke, Hackrxer, callisto, puppy, PhanTrinh, 0buhaja, KtlTheBest, ErzhaNN, Markellonchik, Moandor, HardNut, repeating, yeswewillcode, John_Weak, Ali.Kh, congthanh123, marcospaulo, mehrunesartem, Gnay_Oahnauhz, Ajatar, Ahmad, danikdanon, zstu_jack, spadiff, froghramar, master-yoda, ToErr, zhabo, nanicode, Leastick, MyLegendaryTime, _42, Iskandarov_Islom, TripleM5da, tbmmmmm, Shivram, ujjwal9895, gdymind, I_See_You, BicameralMind, mavd09, CodeTamer., Arafatistic, bbmirbek, sebach, xkyrie, ___---___, THOOR_999, Hunkishi, tfg, __important__, Nazikk, Vicennial, AleXman111, manoj.narens, anton.ong, thienlongtpct, AhmedMorgan, Nson, achaitanyasai, aneesh2312, dummkopf, RohanRTiwari, bnguyenltt, nuhu_ius, crvineeth97, lonelam, Jumaboyev_Davlatmurod, Srantik_22, RockyB, lowtohigh, lstdiraf, prb456, hatak, Seku, RAMBO_tejasv, OMA, Ekaterina_Saenko, tariqiitju, alex_bucevschi, draak_krijger, OldBoy, aler_gg, THOOR_000, motivation_error, NH_Apu, _HossamYehia_, shy_visitor, arman.t, Alex.F, Thiagohnc, batman123456789, HassanYousef, teja349, Piccolo, R2__D2, LoppA, Arthurvtr, Velter, keshav_23, Shuvo, Bilguunzen, wol, chirag_dhawan, OmarAhmed, _coder_, -osdajigu-, pranav0123, A.Magdy7, MaxZubec, Pavs, Omarjh, wdsrocha, dark_ai, Umi, koshish, thedark, myway, asderfers, ZKDNCYSGLBZ, MahmoudAli, vox_r, yashverma, chikbuck1012, Abdullah, rocky8086, born.kira, just_soso, AGHORii, DebNatkh, iamstg, unlimited700, shakil.ahamed, gau_2112_kumar, Eson, ruban, inakolithsihsa, born2rule, wang1991, asvikr, mohamedeltair, Jeremy1149, -NOOB-, nuc_nls, liuyuqiang, dragonsoul, 5415070101, Mohaimin66, calabash_boy, pizzaa, PKUItachi, lucaasdamaso, har_vi, PKP, Sazzon, nksheokand, nguyenthaihocxm1999, dwoolley3, HaabyHings, alpeshvas, ksohan, shubham_43, evonloch, Minology, mark1995, Alice_2, gigime, AmantedelaComida, __STR, HIT_TOM, _FariD_, invinciblerm, Gray_Wolf, Kharouba, 8shubham, Minh_love_Hong_Phuc, anni11, mr.IncrediBle, Anemoi, Alpha_Q, afterzvn, Luka, SamaratovToxicSociety, thequickfox, bitbitter, Mordred, frusty, niting112, transporter, uttom, axelabhi, suxrib, ipchi, fsshakkhor, _Mr_Fab, lerka, sujnesh, ALG0RHYTHM, alisher.turubayev, MarcosFelipeBC, aminul, DieHardFanOfBarca, matchald, s6088, ghorardim, studentnitk1, FreakyBunny, Amanita, PurpleGuy, deshaion, samshad.ru, varshavp274, v9fly, Arpan_Bhowmik, Envyte, faustaadp, atmfaisal, shahed_ahmed, moussai, caph1993, aya_elymany, zhangyuxiang, supervillain, rsakib, t51645, jvmusin, I_WannaBe, LayZ, Sharfik, eat_code, jisan047, Askha, v_geta, Woodie, trytolearn, theprof, shivam7, anisca22, finally_here, GT_18, Maruf_75, NgMiTam, ForgotToUpsolve, OptimusPrime, fengye1998, kallolroy, gauravsharma, Avinvini, travelers, justadlet, xavier, ABL, mijatolaxd, burhan103335, DoubleNy, amrityavagmi, pomjuice, _AymanSalah, subramanyam, thethong.ngu, KING-SEN, hasbeendeleted, dune, Genawy, dongsongshou, Froz, 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altruist, lxambulance.

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By gKseni, 8 years ago, translation, In English

Code Festival 2016 was held in Tokyo on 25-30 of November. Boris qwerty787788 Minaev has shared with us his impressions, and Maxim Zlobober Ahmedov and Nicolay KAN Kalinin shared photos.

To start with, let's mention that, AtCoder and Indeed company announced the festival. How many quals were there? In what way were they arranged?
— There were 3 contests, in which you could take part. In the first part TOP-10 were selected, in the second one — TOP-5, the third one — TOP-5. To sum up, there are 20 foreigners to be selected.

Which quals the Japanese had then?
— Probably the same, but 200 participants passed the qual there.

That means, the event is more orientated on Japanese people?
— The previous years the event was held only for Japanese, this year they decided also to invite some foreigners.

How long did the contest lasted?
— It was quite short. To pass it you had to solve all the problems. It turned out that in first 15 minutes the first 3 out of 5 problems needed to be hand in, and other two are handed in later — you had to think hard on them. The foreigners had to hand in everything taking into account the penalty time.

The rules of АСМ?
— Nearly. You don't loose anything for penalty attempts, that means it's possible to submit problems any number of times

No debugging, no testing — just submit, and that's all?
— Yes, it was possible. In addition they also showed verdict on every test.

Was it clear from the very beginning that those who passed the samplings would be waited in Japan?
— Yes. They payed for the road — bought the tickets. They fed me a bit during the event. On the fifth day I was invited to the Indeed office. Indeed is the American company, which decided to open an office in Tokyo. For an hour they were talking about what the company is doing, and then there was a diner with the engineers. Five people came, three of them were Russians, who work in Yandex. They were communicating with the Russian-speaking public. They told us, that came to Tokyo because of the desire of traveling.

Organizers provided us with the access to the internet by giving routers including Sim with some already payed traffic. Comment and photo: Maxim Ahmedov

Is it true that in Japanese offices there are balconies with special plants as a recreation area?
— Exactly in the Indeed office there are no. The engineers said they reconstructed their American office here — they all came from Austin.

The competition was held in a business area of the city, which had huge office buildings made of glass and metal. Comment and photo: Maxim Ahmedov

How many days did the contest lasted?
— During 4 days, from the early morning, 8 o’clock, till 10 o'clock in the evening. The fifth day was a day off.

Sakura blossoms even in winter. Comment and photo: Nicolay Kalinin

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By gKseni, 8 years ago, translation, In English

University Innopolis is organizing and holding Innopolis Open, an Olympiad in Informatics for secondary school students (until 19 y.o.). The Olympiad consists of two rounds — online contest and the on-site competition (held at Innopolis, Russia).

Winners of the first round will be invited to Innopolis to take part in the on-site competition. During the Olympiad, all participants will be offered a free of charge accommodation, meals and transfer from Kazan to Innopolis and back.

Winners of the second (on-site) round will receive awards and can be enrolled in Innopolis University without any admission tests.

  • The first (online contest) round will start on December 18 at 10.00 a.m. (UTC +3).

  • The second (on-site) round will take place on February 25-26 in Innopolis city, Russia.

Registration is open until December 15, 2016. Participation is free of charge.

Please follow the link to register and find detailed information.

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