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Hello everyone!

We all know that JOI has a rich collection of high quality problems. But a fact is that almost all past problems are in Japanese, so many of us can't attempt to try / solve them.

Since Codeforces Polygon now supports setting OI Problems, I and some of my friends (ruhan.habib39, TheeLooser, Bruteforceman) took an initiative to translate the problems and upload them to Codeforces.

We will be having our first contest, JOI Spring Camp 2013 Day 1, today at 6:05 PM UTC+06

You need to join the Bangladesh Olympiad in Informatics Training Group (as Participant) to participate in the contest. You'll get full feedback about the tests, However, Codeforces currently doesn't show subtasks separately, also doesn't show points appropriately for single test. Hope you'll cope with the judging system.

Let's discuss the problems here after the contest ends.

Note: We created this contest for our own training, so we will be participating too.

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I think that's a brilliant idea! Still codeforces is not the best platform for something like that (because of how it supports interactive / how it behaves when working with subtasks). I think it'd be good if you could talk to They already have the problems in their archive so they could just upload your translations. I've also started struggling with translating few tasks. I have some txt translations (pretty short, but which explain clearly the statement) for joi summer camp day 1. I think it'd be really nice if we all could contribute

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    We were thinking of solving them in contest, else we feel lazy :P. But can't find any judge which allows to do that.
    I think we can add problems with graders in codeforces too, by writing the main() function in header (hope it works). But still many other kinds of problem (Output Only, Two Step) can't be added. :(

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      I mean you can start a clock and start using's archive it's just like a contest only that the countdown doesn't restrict your submissions (but when it rings you just stop). For some reason oj doesn't support output onlys buut it does support two step problems and interactive ones in the same format as in JOI/IOI/etc so I really think that using it would be good for you.