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Hello everyone!


The season of Regional Qualifying Championships in the Northern Eurasian super-region is coming, and this weekend is up to hold an exciting competition between 8 regions!

7 qualifying rounds already passed in Belarus & Baltic States, South Russia & Volga regions. Champions of these quarter-finals earned their place to participate in the semi-finals at the Regional Championships. As usual, the final contest in Northern Eurasia will be held on December 1st, 2019! See the best in St. Petersburg, Barnaul, Almaty and Tbilisi.

But now we would like to follow teams competing in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Yerevan, Almaty, Simferopol and Novosibirsk this Saturday 26 October! And of course, teams of Central Russia, which are going to participate in the championship in Yaroslavl on Sunday 27 October!

Join us to cheer for teams together and watch the online broadcast by the ICPCLive team! The broadcast will be provided by our lovely commentator and a member of the committee — Aksenov239. To be sure — the broadcast will be joined by guests, team coaches, other committee members, and organizers.

All important dates and results collected in the table below:

Southern and Volga Russia October 15 Moscow October 26
Armenia October 26 Central Russia October 27
Azerbaijan November 10 Georgia November 10
Kazakhstan October 26 Northwestern Russia October 26
Taurida October 26 Ural October 26
Belarus and Baltics October 24 Uzbekistan November 10
Kyrgyzstan November 3 Far Eastern Russia November 10
West Siberian October 26 East Siberian November 16

We will look for competitors and provide you the latest news and all the relevant information. Share your stories and photos with us by using the hashtag #NERC.

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