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Hello Codeforces!

We are excited to invite you to the first ever Bay Area Programming Contest! The contest is open for everyone to participate, and will start on Saturday, March 27, 2021 at 9:00UTC-7.

The contest was written by me, pocafup, EndlessVoid, ant101, and NikhilC.

There will be two divisions, the Novice division and the Advanced division. The Novice division is for participants with one year or less of programming experience and little to no contest experience, and the Advanced division is for everyone who doesn't meet that criteria. Each division will have 8 problems to solve in 4 hours. We will be giving out prizes totaling to at least 400 dollars for the top pre-college students in both divisions. This is an individual contest.

The contest will conducted in Codeforces groups. We will send out an invite to the group on our Discord server a day before the contest starts See the next paragraph for information about the contest groups. Signups, as well as more details about the contest and its prizes can be found at https://bayareacontest.org/.

There are 2 Codeforces groups. One is for official participants who are prize-eligible, and one is for unofficial participants who are not prize-eligible. To be prize-eligible, you must be a pre-college student. In addition, if you're taking Novice, you must have a year or less of programming experience. If you aren't sure if you're prize eligible, join our Discord server and ask an organizer. Please only join one group, and join as a Participant.

Inside each group, there will be a practice contest, which is already open. Please use the practice contest to make sure you're familiar with Codeforces, and take this opportunity to research and test out fast i/o techniques in your language.

For the actual contest, there will be two more contests that appear in the group. One will be Novice and one will be Advanced. Please only register for the division you plan to participate in.

Group for official (prize-eligible) participants

Group for unofficial participants

Please join our Discord server for contest announcements and updates. In particular, prize distribution will be done through Discord.

We hope to see you on the leaderboard!

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We will also be posting instructions on how to join the group on our website. Hope to see you all there!

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Will be an official editorial for this contest?