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By Saransh_30, 3 years ago, In English

As one of the enthusiastic competitive programmer who eagerly waits for a contest, it saddens me when i see people cheating on this platform. It is not specific to codeforces platform but is a general problem on cp sites, and codeforces has been hit by this only recently. I think we should deploy tough measures to tackle this problem, as cheating messes up with the ratings and what is cp without ratings or any criteria to know whether we are improving or not. I mention some of the ways to tackle this problem and would surely edit this blog with interesting ideas mentioned in the comment section. 1. Codeforces account should be attached with a phone number, to tackle the problem of international tariffs for sending otp's for verification, otp verification can be done via whatsapp or telegram. 2. There should be an reporting feature for providing admin with telegram groups link, so that Admin can enter those telegrams group and ban all phone number in that group, 3. Codeforces should store our ip and mac address and while banning a cheating account, it should also ban all the mac addresses and ip addresses associated with that account.

I am hopeful that admin would take strict measures towards this issue.

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