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I recently read a blog by DO_NOT_MISS_IT, complaining/ asking why CodeChef allows cheating, by this time you should have guessed I'm from India, yes I'm a final year undergrad from Pune, Maharashtra.

I won't hesitate saying that I have no angst against CP, but I'm not into it because I love it or something. If you pick up my resume, you won't find a reason to not shortlist me, except these 2:

  1. I'm not from a tier 1 college, fuck tier, I don't believe in tier, but this is the easily understood language, I never regret of not being from tier 1.

  2. My resume as of now has no CP, none, when I asked seniors I get same reply, "If it is getting rejected, only possible reason could be CP, you have no rating on any platform."

That basically ends my post, CP in India is need of good jobs, bad jobs are so bad, I have worked hard enough in college that I would rather do CP for for good rating and get myself an interview, instead of getting in a company where I don't feel I did justice to all the time I worked my butt off.

If you're not a recent CS grad from India, or you're a tier 1 CS grad from India, you won't be knowing the conditions of jobs, leave MAANG aside, companies with annual income close to the poverty line are asking CP in OA, better approach is do CP, get some 5, 6* rating, sit in an interview, and receive what you deserve, and yes, I don't give a fuck about cheating, none.

Now, why will Codechef continue to thrive, becuase, it is mandatory, why are schools, colleges and banks successful, in getting the people follow their rules, because it is mandatory, same is with codechef, you like it or not.

Now, do whatever you wish, downvote this post, have it removed, ban this account, whatever, but before complaining from outside, you should know what is going on inside.

Fuck, we are racing and cheating for everything, fuck, what we have become.

You wanna know how important is rating earned through cheating on codechef, have a look: (If link becomes inactive, see the screenshot below, this company is hiring SDE interns).

This is just one form, every other form has something like this, cheating by no means is fair, but is this fair?

Therefore CP is not a choice.

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Firstly, I hope that you find peace, as you seem to be distraught.

Secondly, if I'm not wrong, Zeta is a child company of Directi, which also owned Codechef. It's not really absurd of them to ask for Codechef profiles. Preliminary research about the organization will lead you to find that not having a CP background (problem-solving, not rating) will make it really tough for you to crack Zeta anyway, and if you're really good, you probably won't need to rant.

Thirdly, while Zeta may be among the companies that look at competitive programming skills, (note, I say skills, not profile) there are a lot many that don't. Contrary to what is written in the post, most companies don't care much about your coding profiles. Do some research into this, find companies you'd match, and upskill accordingly, you'll be happier that way.

Lastly, this is a CP platform, kindly don't post such stuff here as it is both heavily misleading and pointless.

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Ara bahi!

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And Indians think that they should cheat rather than enhance their coding skills?

what a bunch of cockroaches.