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So, round #810 is cancelled because problem E of the Div. 1 was copied from another round intentionally. The blog of the contest is downvoted so much and the author is at the bottom of the contribution. And the round is getting a lot of hate. But the community just started to get too toxic.

First of all, co-outhor of the round, admitted he stole the problem and didn't told anyone about that. Lets assume it is the case. Empathize with Rhodoks, just made a round with a friend, gave a lot of effort, and after the round it turned out that his co-outhor stole a problem, so he is now at the bottom. I mean, what could he do? It is pretty normal that he couldn't foresee this. (As said by a lot of people, it is not unusual to have a same problem with an old round because testers are limited and no one knows all the problems in the community)

Also, i am not defending the author who stole it but, it is not all authors fault. Some people recognised the problem, and just posted it to the comments of the announcement so lots of people got AC and the round is ruined. Other thing is, Div. 2 participants are around saying things like "trash round, wasted my time". And probably bombarding downvote. I want to say that, if Div. 2 E(Div. 1 C) was also stolen intentionally, Div. 2 would also be unrated. But it isn't. Div. 2 is a normal codeforces round with regular flaws like being unbalanced.

My point is, that round still carries a lot of effort guys, don't be so mean. I don't think the author deserved the bottom spot.


I learned that div. 1 participants have higher weight in upvotes, so I can't say that by looking the number of downvotes. But still there are a lot of comments of Div. 2 people so I think my point still stands.

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