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Happy New Year Codeforces community!

Last year I started reading more books than usual, and this year I want to keep up the pace. For this reason, I came here to ask for your book recommendations.

I will appreciate CP/Problem-Solving related books, but feel free to recommend anything! :)

Please share your recommendations, and again Happy New Year!

Edit: I apologize if I didn't respond to your recommendation. To avoid creating unnecessary flood, I want to thank everyone who shared their favorite books. I'm really grateful for your recommendations!

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By tagberlee, 8 months ago, In English

Hello Codeforces!

I have long been interested in what anime people on CF watch.

Feel free to like or name the title which is top 1 for you in the comments!!

You can also leave your recommendations, I will definitely look in my free time :)

So far top 1 for me is Bakuman.

Well, what is your Top 1 Anime?

Edit 1: If it's hard to come up with the top 1 anime which is understandable, you can write a list of your favourite titles.

Edit 2: Honestly I don't understand how in one day this blog has +17, and the other -4 votes, it's just a simple question guys chill. Also want to thank people who gave their recommendations and answers in comments thank you, CF community!

[Google translate]

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