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Dear friends,

My name is Sagar Kale, and I just released a Marathi translation of Allen Downey's amazing book called Think Python. Marathi is an Indian language spoken in the state of Maharashtra in India; it has 11th highest number of speakers in the world.

The book is freely available under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license (a link to the license).

Here is a link to the homepage of the book.

The intended audience is students from villages and small towns who are not good at English and do not have access to good teachers. So please, please share this with your Indian friends, family, relatives, acquaintances, etc., so it reaches the intended audience.

पुस्तकाचे नाव, "पायथॉन विचार: शिका संगणक वैज्ञानिकाप्रमाणे विचार करायला -मूळ लेखक: ॲलन डाउनी, अनुवाद: सागर सुधीर काळे."

Thank you, Sagar.

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