Invitation to DeCode 2022 from Felicity Threads IIIT-H

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Ever thought that all the countless hours you spent debugging your friend's programs were in vain? Don't worry, we have a contest for you, where you can use all the debugging experience that you gained! This contest turns the usual format on its head. You'll be given problems and their buggy code submissions. Your job will be to determine a test case where the buggy solution fails.

We are proud to invite you to DeCode 2022, as a part of Threads, Felicity IIIT Hyderabad! We have prizes for the top three Global, Indian and IIITH participants.

Date and Time: March 12th, 2100-2300 IST
Contest Link: CodeChef DECO2022
Registration for prizes: Fill the google form

You will have nine problems and two hours to solve them. The problems are a good mix for all difficulty levels, from grandmasters to pupil. We have some hard problems, and some very easy too, and everything in between. You can try the previous year's Decode contest here.

The rules and prizes have been announced on the contest page.

Problems of this contest are prepared by fangahawk, akcube, JadeReaper, aj_uba and me. We would like to thank codelegend, aditya.verma, keyurchd_11, menavlikar.rutvij, GenghizKhan and AbhijnanVegi for testing the round and mhardik003 for designing the poster.

We'll post an editorial after the contest is over. We hope you'll enjoy it!

Winners (In case a person is winning in two categories, he/she is given the award with higher prize money).

1. geothermal
2. tranxuanbach
3. bench0310

1. anshugarg12
2. iceknight1093
3. shlokg329

1. dheeraja7252
2. shivensinha4
3. sigma_g


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