Invitation to Fool's Programming 2022 from Felicity Threads IIIT-H

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Are you delighted to give programming contests but are yearning for a break from the monotonous contests? Are your friends tired of your puns and references? Can you think out of the box? If so, we invite you to the Fool's Programming Contest, as a part of Threads, Felicity IIIT Hyderabad! We have prizes worth 13K INR.

The hardest part of the problem is not programming the solution but deciphering the question, spot the hints and make some guesses to get the same perspective as the problem setters had.

Date and Time: March 25th, 2100-2300 IST
Contest Link: CodeChef FOOL2022
Registration for prizes: On the contest page

You will have eight problems and two hours to solve them. The problems are a good mix for all difficulty levels, from grandmasters to pupil. We have some hard problems, and some very easy too, and everything in between. You can try the previous fool's programming contest here.

The rules and prizes have been announced on the contest page.
PS — User who achieves the solution to all the questions in the universe gets a special prize of Rs.420

Problems of this round were prepared by keyurchd_11, menavlikar.rutvij, Zshan, rahulgoel, @room333 and me. We would like to thank sam_28, Sambasai, ishaanshah and kryptai for testing this round and sam_28 again for designing the poster.

We'll post an editorial after the contest is over. We hope you'll enjoy it!

Global Winners:
1. bforbrute
2. hitmen3773
3. iambard

IIITH Winners:
1. poopypants
2. chakgareebi2
3. type_null

A special prize to saga_vro for getting the solution to everything in the universe.

1. a-fool-editorial
2. foolform-editorial
3. sigmabats-editorial
4. mansattracin-editorial
5. mlnmfoolcon-editorial
6. plrtravels-editorial
7. eclipse-editorial
8. fettpur-editorial

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