SIT & JUB STAR Contest 2022

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Hello, Codeforces!

We are thrilled to announce the dates of our annual online programming competition, the SIT & JUB STAR Contest 2022, organized by the Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) in Switzerland and our partner Jacobs University Bremen (JUB) in Germany.

Winners will have the chance to receive exciting prizes, including a full scholarship for Master in Computer Science and Software Engineering program.

What is the SIT & JUB STAR Contest?

The goal of the SIT & JUB STAR Contest is to promote interest in the field of Computer Science and Software Engineering, giving participants an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of programming. It is also a winning ticket for full scholarship to a master program. To participate, click here.

The SIT & JUB STAR Contest 2022 timetable

April 16 15:00 (UTC), 2022 | Practice Round: An opportunity to familiarize yourself with the testing environment. You can practice any time from April 16 to 5 minutes before the Final Round. This is an optional step but we highly recommend taking part in it. The results of this round will not affect your final score.

April 26 08:00 (UTC), 2022 | SIT & JUB STAR Contest: The contest starts at 8 am, UTC, on April 26. You have 4 hours to complete all requested tasks, which include 8 to 12 problems of various levels of difficulty in algorithmic programming.

DATES | Interview Round and Winner Announcements: Participants with the highest scores will be invited for the interview round with professors from SIT and Jacobs University Bremen. Winners will be notified by email.

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Several prizes are offered to the top candidates:

  • Full scholarships for the Master in Computer Science and Software Engineer program offered in Switzerland and Germany
  • Other scholarship options available
  • Some exciting gifts from Switzerland and Germany!

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome! The contest is open for all ages and skill levels, all you need is a passion for coding.

To be eligible to win the full scholarship, please consult the following guidelines.

How can I participate?

  • Fill out the contest registration form here.
  • Register at Codeforces using a special link you will receive in the confirmation email. Please fill in the same email address you used in the registration form.
  • If you have any further queries, please reach out to [email protected]

About the Master in Computer Science and Software Engineering

Our 2-year hybrid Master in Computer Science and Software Engineer brings the latest must-knows in science, tech and business, through lively lectures by renowned field leaders and hands-on lab activities. With this program, go from studying in Schaffhausen in Switzerland, known for its excellence in IT science and technology, to Bremen in Germany, a vibrant campus for English-speaking students, with a rich academic tradition. Click here to learn more.

About SIT and Jacobs University Bremen

SIT is a global institution dedicated to promoting Science, Education and Technology. Headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, SIT is a growing ecosystem comprised of a non-profit component, with education and research, as well as commercial technology spin-offs, consulting services, a start-up incubator and investment funds.

Thanks to its two English-language campuses – in Bremen, Germany and in Schaffhausen, Switzerland – SIT offers interdisciplinary university programs to students from around the globe with flexible learning models. With a research-centric approach and an entrepreneurial mentality at its core, the SIT education ecosystem is a gateway to the next generation of digital leaders.

We look forward to seeing you show off your programming skills on competition day.

Good luck!

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