Should I write a Slope Trick blog?

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Slope trick is one of my favorite algorithms, so I have been considering writing a blog about it. However, there are already a lot of resources about slope trick, so I am not sure whether anyone would benefit from yet another slope trick blog.

If I were to write a slope trick blog, it would focus more on the intuition behind how I solve slope trick problems together with multiple difficult example problems (not 713C - Sonya and Problem Wihtout a Legend) where I show my step by step thought process. If you would like to see this slope trick blog, please upvote this blog. I will write a slope trick blog if this blog receives more than 100 upvotes. Thanks for all your support 👍

EDIT: Wow, already more than 100 upvotes in such a short time. See you in my upcoming slope trick blog 😉

EDIT 2: The long awaited slope trick blog is here! Hope that you will enjoy it :)


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