[Feature Request] Report Code as Cheating

Revision en1, by CheaterExposer69, 2022-09-26 07:45:42

Since a really huge number of cheating taking place in CF nowadays in every round, this "Report Code" feature for stopping and removing cheaters from this platform is much needed. Just look at this screenshot below. A youtube channel and their views for the solution of a problem during the contest.

This is just a single youtube channel. There are tons of other youtube and telegram channels who does it on a daily basis.

Even if half of the people shown in this picture cheat in the contest then it's huge. Especially people like pupils who are rated like 1200-1300 suffer a lot due to this. An increased number of solutions on problem C specially, says how cheating is spreading like fire. Please stop this thing. Don't be an Indian who cheats. Be the one who is genuinely good. I am really sad and frustrated about this happening every fucking day.


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