Help the Egyptian girls fly to EGOI 2022!

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Hello Codeforces,

My name is Shahd. I am a bronze medalist in EOI (Egyptian Olympiad in Informatics) 3 times in a row, a silver medalist in the ACPC girls, 5th place in the AFPC in Jordan and 1st place in the IIOT onsite qualifications.

I am a member of the Egyptian EGOI 2022 team. We have practiced very hard for this particular competition. Bakry Ahmadsm2005 AbdelmagedNour are training us for EGOI 2022.

Unfortunately, due to the high registration fees for non-European countries, we are unable to cover our costs. We attempted to contact some Egyptian tech companies but there are no updates until now.

We decided to create a crowdfunding campaign as we don't have any other option. Please donate here

By sharing this blog or donating, you are helping the Egyptian team to represent their country in EGOI 2022. If you cannot donate, you can contribute by sharing this blog!


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