Best rating system to calculate ratings for participants [VERY IMPORTANT]

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So let me introduce you the best rating system which i have ever seen. So you guys must be thinking about the best codechef. which has the best rating system. you guys are smart.

So in the previous starters i found something very good. see this person had got 1st rank globally in the last DIV 2 round and his ratings changes from 1752 to 1934 an increase of 182 where as this person had 5th rank in the contest and he got from 1768 to 2239 which is basically an increase of 471 and he became a 6 star coder in a DIV 2 contest whereas the first person wasn't able to become even a 5 star.

And now see this, this person had 13th rank and his rating changes from 1721 to 1731 which is a massive increase of 10.

I would suggest atcoder, codeforces, topcoder, leetcode etc.. to change the rating system and follow codechef it's the best.

i would like to hear everyone's suggestion on this topic. Do you also feel that codechef system is too good ?

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