Reconsider open hacking in Div3+4 contests

Revision en1, by alexwice, 2023-07-22 02:34:22

Because pre/systests are reasonably good nowadays, hacking is basically a "gotcha" where you screw over people not using custom hash (cpp) or managing their sort (java) or wrapping their integers in a dict (pypy), as this is the main way people get hacked.

For olympiad level contests whether this is good or not is arguable, but when the target audience is those under 1400 rating (Div4), IMO there shouldn't be open hacking. Imagine doing a contest and getting your map<int, int> or dict hacked and therefore receiving a WA on an otherwise acceptable solution, because you didn't know about "splitmix" custom_hash cpp trivia. It just is a hostile experience that IMO shouldn't be in low rated contests. The "ideal" solutions shouldn't involve writing custom hashes for these data structures either imo.


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