Why Go is slow?

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Good morning/afternoon/evening/night dear codeforces community!

I have been learning Go language to start developing in Back-end, so I decided to practice it by solving simple problems from codeforces. However, I am facing a problem in this problem. Initially I implemented sorting by my own comparator to sort the paired(implemented via struct) array. However I got TLE. After that, I implemented merge sort by my own, and even after this I got TLE again. I thought that problem was in binary seacrh(maybe I write something wrong), so I replaced it with two-pointers method. Unfortunately I got TLE again. Can you tell me, is it possible to get "Accepted" in this problem using Golang?

The final version of code is right here -> https://codeforces.com/problemset/submission/580/226466440

Thanks for your consideration.


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