Easy and Quick Video Tutorials for the CSES Problem Set

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Hello everybody!

This year I decided to be way more active as far as posting educational content goes so I decided to start with posting video tutorials for as many problems from the CSES problem set as possible, as there are many videos out there which often explain solutions by going through way more details than needed or simply make understanding the problem way more complicated than needed.

Here is a playlist with the solutions I did so far, with the most recent addition being Tree Distances I, a problem I reviewed today in this video.

In order to know what should I focus on going forward in terms of educational content, I would love and be grateful to hear in the comments about topics or problems from CSES or from other places (I prefer more well known/educational ones however) you think they're worth reviewing. I will try to do 2-3 videos a week with the most upvoted comments and I will keep the blog updated as I keep posting solution videos over time.

Here's to a great 2024 and if you find my tutorials interesting and worth watching, you can subscribe to my channel for more content in the future.

UPD: I just uploaded a video solution to Polynomial Queries from CSES. Thank you maxrgby for your suggestion!

If you want to suggest more videos, be ready to do it in comments, I want to upload as many solutions as possible. In addition, any feedback is much appreciated as well.

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