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Competitive programming coaching

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Hello! Sorry for the spam blog, but I don't know where else to advertise... I am offering competitive programming 1-on-1 coaching for $20/hr on weekends, with the first lesson being $5/hr, but probably only for 3-4 hours total over Saturday/Sunday.

I'd be happy to help explain/discuss any problems/algorithms! (but not too advanced because I am skill issued :rofl:)

My qualifications

  • Peaked International Master before losing all my braincells to my dumb office job
  • Get paid lots of money to work my dumb office job
  • ICPC world finalist
  • USACO plat
  • I have a girlfriend!!!!

Why receive competitive programming coaching

  • Sometimes understanding editorials/concepts can be tedious, and it'd save time to have someone either explain it to you or be able to answer whatever questions you have
  • I can offer my perspective on what I find enjoyable about CP
  • Learning CP was pretty lonely, at least for me, since finding friends to talk about it can be kinda hard
  • Could help you improve at SWE interviews or something.....
  • (I think) my prices are quite cheap compared to other coaching lol

Why am I doing this

I've been working as a SWE in finance for about 5 months now. It pays ridiculously well, but I find it too uninteresting. I understand that I'm very privileged to have such a job, so shouldn't really complain, but would still like to be happier. I'd really like to try some sort of tutoring thing, to see if I'd enjoy it more.


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