2023 ICPC Pacific Northwest Regional Broadcast

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On February 24th starting at 11 AM Pacific Time, the 2023 ICPC Pacific Northwest Regional* will take place. This year, I will host the official contest broadcast, starting shortly before the beginning of the contest, on the ICPC Live YouTube channel.

The stream will cover the contest, discuss some problems and solutions, answer live questions from viewers, and maybe even include some surprise guests. We'll be streaming from the beautiful De Anza campus in San Jose, California, but this regional includes teams in on-site contests competing simultaneously on the same problems with the same scoreboard in:

  • De Anza (California) [main site],
  • UW Tacoma (Washinton),
  • George Fox (Oregon),
  • UBC (British Columbia), and
  • BYUH (Hawaii)

If you're interested, you can see more info about the contest, the Division 1 Open Mirror, and the Division 2 Open Mirror.

Good luck, have fun to everyone who is competing tomorrow, and for everyone else, I hope to see you on the stream!

*: Not a typo; due to ongoing schedule difficulties resulting from COVID, the 2023 regional is being held in 2024.


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