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Weird behavior with the activity chart

Revision en2, by Almeida06, 2024-05-24 17:30:28


I am new to CF (well, kinda of. I had an account for over an year and just didn't use it), so welcome to my first blog post.

Me being me, I suppose it's only fitting that my first ever post is about an basically insignificant possible issue that hardly anyone is going to care about.

Basically, for some reason, it seems like the activity chart behaves differently depending on whether one is logged in or not. For example: the following image is my activity chart as seen by me (while logged in) Logged in

While the below is what I see on a Firefox private tab (or on my mobile phone) Logged out

It seems like my submissions on May 21st are invisible to anyone not logged in (I suspect it's actually invisible to anyone that is not me, but I don't have a friend with a CF account to verify this, so feel free to take a peek and let me know, I would appreciate it)

I have been unable to come up with a convincing reason for this. As far as I can tell my profile has all activity set to public, and the submission in question shows in my logs (in the appropriate date) regardless of me being logged in or not (see: 262064605). Further, the time of submission was 21:46 UTC, meaning this similar issue I found shouldn't be the culprit, as it only shifts by 1 hour (as far as I can tell) and that still should keep it within the 21st. Also, that wouldn't line up with the behavior I get where it's visible to me while logged in, but not otherwise.

Any theories? This is bothering me way more than it should.


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